1.) Parent Acknowledgements and Responsibilities - Parents are responsible for:

  • Reading and understanding the "Tīwerawera Term and Conditions"
  • Checking their emails or voice mail for booking confirmation (might show up first in junk mail).
  • Providing correct information and contact details when enrolling for Tīwerawera.
  • Contact Jade Music Services (022 361 9749 or Tiiwerawera@gmail.com) notifying of any absences.
  • Parents acknowledge and bear the responsibility and risk to their child participating in Tīwerawera
  • Parents have explained to their child the need to follow safety instructions, remain in areas designated by staff and tutors, and refrain from behavior that could cause injury.
  • Parents also acknowledge that any willful damage to equipment or property that has been caused by their child will incur an additional charge. 
  • Parents give permission for qualified first aid staff or tutors to give any necessary medical treatment in the event of an injury. Any further medical attention will be at the parent's own expense.
  • All staff and volunteers are not responsible for caring for your child/children at Tīwerawera 
  • Staff and volunteers are there to run the event 

2.) Damage and Theft 

  • Damage, theft, and mistreatment of provided equipment will be charged to the individual or the band.

3.) Performers Requirement 

  • All student entries must be between the ages of 5-18
  • We do not allow the use of backing tracks as this is a live music competition
  • No student can enter in more than one act. 
  • You represent your school/ group and make sure you follow your rules about behavior in public.
  • Please choose an appropriate song. If you believe the lyrics may offend your audience then the song may not be best suited for this competition.
  • All students are to act sensibly and respectful to all staff and volunteers 
  • We expect everyone to be a team player and be respectful of other bands
  •  At least 3 band members or 1 member if solo/duo must be available to accept prizes at heats. All members must be present to accept the final prize
  • It is expected that performers stick around to watch other bands play and support.

4.) Duration 

 Finals 31 of October.

  •  You must be available for at least one heat and the finals run from 4 pm-8:30 pm. 
  • Parents understand that their child cannot be in the venue after 9 pm unless they are with a parent or guardian.
  • Winners and prizes will not be announced until all bands have performed each night.

5.) Location -

  • Heats and Finals will both be held at Fat Eddies Level 1/76 Hereford Street, Christchurch City Centre.
  • Fat Eddie's entry is by a steep staircase and seating is limited so please be expected that standing for long periods of time is likely. 

6.) Photos and Videos 

  • If you do not want your child's photo and/or name displayed on any publicity, please put this in writing to Jade Music Services. Photos and/or Videos are taken at Tīwerawera may be used for promotional and publicity purposes.

7.) Personal Property 

  • Fat Eddies, Tīwerawera, and Jade Music Services & All Supporters/Sponsors take no responsibility for loss or damage to any child’s or parent’s personal possessions and equipment (MP3 players, cell phones, etc). We recommend that these items are left at home safe and sound.

8.) Privacy Act 

  • Parents / Students acknowledge that all information supplied in this application form will be kept on file, in accordance with Privacy Act 1993. Information on your child may be requested to be looked at any time.

9.) Voting & Judging - 

  • 50% of the final decision will be determined by the token count which will be reviewed carefully. 
  • Voting will open every hour in between the acts.
  • 50% will be decided by a judging panel, this is to ensure that the final outcome is fair. This will be based on their professional experiences and knowledge.
  • The decision by Tīwerawera is final and no correspondence or discussion will change the outcome.

10.) Entry

  • Entries will be monitored by organizers. 
  • Tīwerawera has the right to discuss their entry with the applicant 
  • Due to the size of the stage, we have a limit band size of 8.